Head up navigation has got bigger possibilities than standard HUD display – offer, models, function

Navigation with technology of head-up displaying on windscreen of vehicle

HUD navigation offers possibilities, which have been possible to meet only in science-fiction until this time. Picture of navigation is, thanks to head-up technology, screened straight to windscreen or into motorcycle helmet. Head-up navigation will be introduced to the market, but it is the right time to be ready for it, because except for advantages, which follow from head-up technologies, it will bring absolutely new experience from driving a car or motorcycle. Because of displaying of all information straight to windscreen or Perspex of helmet, head-up navigation can offer possibility immediately, easily and clearly to get all required information. It means including map, position of vehicle on the map and another advantages. Classic speedometer, which will offer primal information about speed of car or motorcycle, will be part of HUD navigation.

Possibilities of HUD navigation for cars and motorcycles

Head-up navigation will have, according to accessible information, will have the most often these functions, and data from it will display on windscreen or helmet of motorcycle:

navigation – classic navigation, where position of vehicle or motorcycle on the map will display on windscreen and there will be a possibility of change-over of displaying in 2D or 3D

tachometer – navigation will display speed of vehicle and motor revolution, it will be possible to choose displaying of another data like condition of fuel, temperature of engine and signal and warning lights

Internet – online browser will have the use of cars without driver or this function will be blocked during riding because of safety

Producers, sellers and offer of head-up navigation – catalog of firms

Catalogue of firms www.headupnavi.com offers possibility of basic online presentation for producers, sellers and assembly firms of HUD navigation free. Because we know head-up displays and technologies will be a big boom, possibilities of online presentation will be progressively extended and improved.

We are ready for head-up future. And you?


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